I'm Matthew

I'm a web and software developer in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Current Work

I am currently working as a Software Developer at RIBA Enterprises in Newcastle upon Tyne. At present I work mainly with front end technologies such as SASS, CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery to deliver responsive, mobile first websites. However, I continue to work extensively with C#, .NET MVC4 and Sitecore.

In the last few months I have taken over the day to day running of theNBS.com project and am mentoring a graduate developer alongside my other responsibilities. Built using Sitecore, theNBS.com project was a major redevelopment of our company's primary website, providing content and services to the AEC industries.

My first major project at RIBA Enterprises was the redevelopment of the Construction Information Service, a multi-million pound service serving over 30,000 documents to architecture and construction industry professionals. Throughout this project I played a key role in the development process, from the initial translation from VB.NET to C#, further development of the search service and the implementation of designs in HTML5 and CSS3.

I have the Sitecore Developer Certification, a First Class BSc(Hons) Applied Computing with Computer Forensics and a Distinction in HND Computing and Systems Development.

Project Experience

As mentioned above I am currently running theNBS.com project at RIBA Enterprises. This includes sprint planning, running standups and retrospectives and collaborating with other teams across the company to prioritise work.

On a day to day basis I work with Sitecore 8.0, C# MVC5 and various front-end technologies. At present I am focusing on the redevelopment of several areas of the site simultaniously while managing our graduate developer as he makes general changes and bug fixes to the site.

Prior to theNBS.com project I worked on the Construction Information Service (v5) project. I joined this project just after the design was finalised and worked on it from the initial implementation until just before release when I was moved to theNBS.com project. While most of my early work on the CIS project was C# based, I went on to make major changes and revisions to the front-end code of the site to make both the code and the interface more maintainable.

During my degree I developed a digital forensics tool using Java in NetBeans. This application was able to scan a computer for a search term, compare files to check their forensic integrity, provide network information of the local machine, scan a given IP range and return the address of active devices and perform a port scan on a given IP address.

During my HND I undertook a project to develop a student organiser web application using VB.NET and ASP. NET in Visual Studio 2010. The completed application allowed students to add, edit and view their schedule, take and store notes, create to-do lists and view files provided by their lecturers. It also allowed lecturers the same functionality while providing them the option of uploading files for their students. For my work on this project I won two entrepreneurship awards and received a distinction for the module.


During my education I gained experience in Windows forms and web application development using VB.NET, ASP.NET and ADO.NET. I developed a good understanding of SQL, Java, HTML and CSS.

I also gained experience in database design and development, SCRUM and digital forensics tools and methodologies.

09/2013 to 06/2014

BSC(Hons) Applied Computing with Forensics at Newcastle College - 1st

Modules Completed

  • First - Dissertation
  • First - Forensic Investigation
  • First - Programming for Forensics
  • First - Collaborative Development
  • First - Research Methods

09/2011 to 06/2013

HND Computing and Systems Development at SERC - Distinction

Relevant Modules

  • Distinction - Procedural Programming
  • Distinction - Event Driven Programming
  • Distinction - Project Design Implementation & Evaluation
  • Distinction - Programming in Java
  • Distinction - Web Applications Development
  • Distinction - Programming in .NET

09/2005 to 06/2007

BA(Hons) Psychology - Incomplete

I successfully completed two years of study before I decided against pursuing a career in psychology. I gained a great deal from my time on the course including a background in behavioural, developmental and perception psychology.

Work Experience

05/2014 to 12/2014

Software Developer - True Potential LLP

Working in this role greatly enhanced my knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery and responsive web design; as well as providing a platform for me to further develop my knowledge of VB.NET.

I worked on a number of internal projects including a CMS and document management system and a dynamic report generation tool used by the development team.

Initially I worked on fixing bugs and other issues within the core projects with the aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of these systems. Following on from this was integrated into the team which built the self-service pension tool.

11/2013 to 05/2014

Student Engagement Intern - Newcastle College

Worked with Newcastle College to address the issue of communication between the college and students, with the aim of improving student engagement.

Developed recommendations for the college to improve their use of social media and their social media policies by collaborating on a report which examined best practice at other institutions. The report also

deconstructed the College's current policies and highlighted the solutions that students have come up with themselves, to fill the gaps that the existing policy left. Ultimately, recommendations were made with a focus on improving student engagement with the college, their course(s) and their fellow students through a more modern approach to the use of social media.

09/2007 to 06/2011

Administrative Assistant - Land Registry of Northern Ireland

Details of this and other previous roles are available on request.


References are available on request.